They Say, “People Who Smile’s A Lot Have The Most Scars”.


They say… “people who smiles a lot have the most scars”. I think the most beautiful thing about BEING A HUMAN is we known defeat, suffering, loss, struggles; and have found their way out to the depths.

I am blessed and I am grateful.

Every single day, I am one step closer to reaching my dreams come true. I wouldn’t be who I am if it wasn’t for understanding of life that fills with compassion, appreciation, sensitivity, gentleness and love. Beautiful people do happen and exist if we appreciate them and take care of them. When you find love and happiness.. you have to protect it and take care of it.

I think.. in my journey being here in the Philippines. I became more sensitive than I used to be. I’ve learnt a lot of sacrificing and bringing light into world from the dark pasts. It breaks my heart seeing those innocent begging for money and food to survive. Life is just and can be unfair.


In my experienced, having a brokenhearted never want to inflict emotional paper cuts on anyone else. I’ve learnt the hard way that disadvantages are opportunities for growth and I’ve learned to love the hardest. Despite all that, I’ve also learned how to reflect myself to put all those broken pieces back together and find my way out. Loving yourself and dealing with any situation are simply evidence that you are healing and you can survive anything. Life is beautiful.

Some people may hate you or love you, or even try to disappoint you.. Yet, if anything knocks them over? Just shoot right back up and keep going. Knowing that I can endure the simplest thing “called inner peace and self-respect”. Every single one of us is unique and beautiful. And if you are reading this, I cheer on you! You are not alone, I’ve been there and done that..

“I still vibrate at a higher frequency. I laugh, I smile, I share all of these things I do with fervor. All of these things are a part of me. But I don’t just bring the pretty parts of myself to the table. I bring the ugly, the messy, the hard, and the delicate as well. And I ask those around me who take up to my space, to dance with them.

And I am not sorry if they don’t want to climb through the rubbish with me. If it isn’t your way of life and that’s okay. You’re true color shows an authenticity and value.. 

Always BE TRUE to YOURSELF! It’s the greatest gift you can give to anybody.” 🙂

Yours truly,  April Mae♥

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