I Also Faced Break-up. I love someone a lot.


2014 was the BEST and WORSE year of my life.. December 17, 2014– my heart stopped for 15 seconds. I was supposed to be dead. But, everyone in the emergency room didn’t give up on me. I was the one who wants to give it all up! I was in a coma for several hours.

I woke up.. my nurse and my doctor was staring at me looking sad. As soon I have my conscious back, they came to me and gave me a big hug!

I saw my Aunt crying in front of me. I saw my relatives crying.. My parents was in overseas and they are all worried. I saw my best friends crying next to me.. I saw my coworkers crying as well too…

Therefore, it made realized how much a complete jerk and selfish of wanting to end my life. I forgot about the people who love and care about me. It was a wake-up call!

I’m not trying to get an attention and ruin my exes name! I am telling everyone that it is okay to speak your mind out, it is okay to be vulnerable. Because we all been through this kind of situation; we get hurt, we made mistakes.. we learnt and we move on. What I’m saying is.. I want to share you my experience especially to those women… “thinking it is the end of the world”.


No matter how strong you are.. but if depression hits you. It will eat you alive. I was hurt. I was in a lot of pain, I was selfish enough that I want to end my life just like that!.. Sitting, thinking and typing this right now.. made me laugh and stupid lol😅. Every person makes mistake. We learn from it and do better.

You have to love yourself no matter what obstacle may come. I’m not afraid to say it out loud because I got no secrets and I had nothing to hide. My best advice to all the ladies.. No matter how many times your heart gets broken. You are capable of loving someone over and over. You are capable of having an awesome life! You are beautiful and loved. Most of all.. you gotta take care of yourself first! And be happy with or without someone❤ Life is short, spend it wisely! 

If you think the break-up is that really bad..?


Think about yourself… what would I do to make myself happy without him. Remember, you were happier before you meet him.

As a reminder, don’t let other people tell you what you can or cannot do while you are in a healing process. Time takes heal. And time will tell that you that already move on to something better. Don’t rush yourself and jump to conclusion. Let yourself be single for awhile and take time to concentrate what you really want in your life. What makes you motivated? What makes you, YOU!

5 Steps to Cope in A Process of Self-Help and Self-Love. 

  1. Spend time with family and close friends. If you need someone to talk to.. someone who can answer all your thoughts? You can seek help with the therapist or counselor. It’s normal to ask for help. It’s for mental and emotional healing.

  2. Go to the gym. Go for a jog or run for a mile. It’s very therapeutic– mentally and physically.

  3. Eat healthy.

  4. Keep yourself busy— attend for seminar, volunteers, church choirs and missionaries.

  5. Try new things– go travel and have a wanderlust adventures!



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