A True To Life Story Movie, “Mulanay sa Pusod ng Paraiso”


The film is a true to life story, it was created and published a long time ago since 1996.  At first I was just watching the movie for the sake of making this reflection. But I realized, the film is giving  the message to learn something deep and enhance my critical thinking. This documentary is an eye-opener that nothing will happen unless we move or somebody will move. It was like a spark, that when it started to flame up, it will crawl up to its end point. The same as the main character did. She demanded for a change as so the community then follows. Every second counts by watching the film, every single message has a powerful meaning. It shows the true face of reality and conviction; dignity, dedication, loyalty as its soul. A positive outlook and an open heart. A truly remarkable film with heart and compassion.

Ria Espinosa portrayed the role of a newly licensed young doctor who ought to join the “Doctor to the Barrios” organization to help the places where there is a need for medical assistances. There she met Norma a midwife located in the Barrio of Mulanay in Quezon. Norma became her friend as she stayed on the said place.

Dr. Ria Espinosa is an inspiring individual, very rare person with a kind-heart who is eager to tackles the society’s need for sympathy. Her driving motivation in serving the community is a gradual change of being new into something usual. A heart with the passion to help; and the passion to change for the betterment. She came to realize that health is not the only problem of the barrio. Many other concerns should be considered. The light supply, the water system, the environmental threats, cleanliness and orderliness in the community.

As the primary health provider in the community  nurses are leaders in the community. The role of the practice nurse in primary health care is managing and supervising the practice nurse resource. Based in my understanding, as a nurse or student nurse the concept of leadership in doing so it explores the perspectives in building rapport relationship and responsibility in serving the community. In this movie, being a good community nurses leader—our responsibility is the health state, mental, and social well-being in the community. Primary health care nurses see the participation of people as a group or individually in planning and implementing their health care as a human right and duty. As a nurse, we help others despite of everyone’s differences wether you are rich, poor, rebel or non-rebel clients. The good concept of leadership must acknowledge the dignity, culture, values, beliefs and rights of individuals and groups.

Many areas of nursing practice including lifestyle education, aged care, women’s health, men’s health, infection control, chronic disease management including tuberculosis, asthma and malnutrition, immunization, mental health, maternal and child health, health promotion, population health, wound management, and much more.

Our focus is delivering continuous care to their patients that results in improved health outcomes.

The nurses goal is to incorporates personal care with health promotion, the prevention of illness and community development. We maximise community and individual self-reliance, participation and control. We ensure collaboration and partnership with other sectors to promote public health and give priority to those most in need and addresses health inequalities.

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