Wisdom and Humor


Our topic for today’s discussion is “Naughty and Sincere”. Oops! Just kidding! I took it literally. Alright, our topic is about “Wisdom and Humor”. I am sure everybody sitting here has gone into a deep thought that is why are we talking about completely two different topics at one moment at one place.

Friends, my fellow bloggers, and anyone who is reading this… these two words might seem different; but if you take my point, when we blend humor with a bit of wise comment then it is a great powerful combination. Humor and wisdom are the either sides of a coin. Both of these go hand in hand in case of a person who is ideal for the society.

I know we all might have different views on this, but I am being on dais would first like to put forward my understanding about this context. My fellow classmate’s, I feel that being humorous all the time is completely justified. Life would be a pale thing if it lacks the sense of fun and happiness around. But along with my thoughts of promoting the humorous people I will also fill half of the glass with wisdom as well.

To simplify my thoughts, let’s discuss it with an example. For example, I have an empty glass. I wish to fill it with humor. So being a sensible woman or a man, I must ensure that my entire glass is not filled with humor only. Wisdom should make for the other half of the glass.

Wisdom helps to guide us through life, and enables us to reflect on life and draw conclusions about it. Whereas, humor can relieve the stress of life and bring people together as a society. Mixing a little humor into a wise statement can make it more readily accessible and easy to learn for our audience. And, almost every comic description has something wise to tell us about life. Humor acts a power of attraction to whatever the person says. And, adding humor to wise statements eventually makes the learning easy.


Being humorous is not a great deal but being a wise and sensible person with humor is a rare trait. Handling humor is a very big tactic, once it becomes an insult then there is no humor left in it. Any humor is considered as a healthy humor when it has been perfectly combined with wise thoughts.

Wisdom along with humor creates a positive and easy-going vibe. This vibe might not be created in the absence of wisdom. Both elements go hand in hand to create a balanced personality. The person should know the individual importance of humor and wisdom, so that he/she is mindful of the enlightened spark that is created when these two are merged together and presented to the society. And, together they can present many bright ideas, can make a person talk smartly and invent brilliant things.

It is obvious for a person to wisely evaluate whether the stance he/she is about to take may turn out to be wise enough for the audience to digest. I agree that adding fun situations to the learning situations makes it easy for the people to take away the final lesson they were ought to take away. But, one should decide before speaking that what they are about to say does not become an ugly humor.


Every wise man speaks humorous things by keeping himself/herself restricted to all the levels of decency. A decent person is well skilled in handling the humor and wisdom hand in hand. Humor lies in making unseen connections and bringing out things that are not easily visible. Humor is the most effective way of sharing wisdom. True humor is something that makes people feel good and not cut off or separated.

According to Allen Klein’s quote: “Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world. Constantly color your picture gray, and your picture will always be bleak. Try adding some bright colors to the picture by including humor, and your picture begins to lighten up”.

Both are very important components in one’s life. Out of the entire population, there are only a few people who have the perfect blend and usage knowledge of these two. Perfect combination of these two ingredients creates a smart person. As per my experienced I understand that humor and wisdom are the two qualities which can live together.

As a conclusion to our discussion on “Wisdom and Humor” point, I would just say that a person who can balance humor and wisdom is the one who leads an ideal life of happiness and knowledge. Humor may lack wisdom but wisdom can create a healthy humor. When we have a good humor and necessary wisdom, we feel healthy and good.

A wise person thinks several times before speaking and uses humor in a restricted manner. However, don’t force yourself to sound funny in front of others, let your personality traits flow on its own and let people accept you the way you are. But of course, you can cultivate the wealth of wisdom and influence people rightfully through that. The best and safest thing is to keep a balance in your life, acknowledge the great powers around us and in us. If you can do that, and live that way, you are really a wise man.

Thanks for reading my blog. Be wise and keep joking. World needs both to make it better place to live in. Good luck! Have a great time ahead. And, do stay wisely humorous!

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