Love doesn’t make you weak. Love is something that is worth living.

3 years ago, I met love in the most unusual and inconvenient way. I met love in a place where I never considered looking but there I was, looking at it up-close, face to face. I never thought love would look so beautiful and heavenly. It made me feel safe and special, without even touching me. Love made me feel strong and love made me believe anything is possible. And in no time, I was hand in hand with love- fingers intertwined, my head on its chest, hearing its heartbeat as my own slowly catch up to its rhythm.

Love opened my eyes to things that I was too blind to see. It saved me because I was too caught up with my own selfish-indulgence to actually recognize that I was slowly dying, like a rose, slowly drying.

Love revived me. It gave me a reason to breathe, to fight, to get up on my feet again and not fall, but rise; to rise in love. But it was a matter of time when I realized love is not here to stay. Love never meant to stay. Love only meant to teach me how to live again. To feel again.

To meet a true version of love and to recognize that version in different places. And it was only a matter of time that everything we shared memories. Memories that will continuously break my heart but at the same time, still give me something to hold on to. Something that no one else can take away from me, something that I can tell the world. Love is love, no matter where you find it, no matter who you share it with. Love will give and love will take away. But, one thing I’m certain of is… Love never meant to hurt you.

Love wants you to live and continue living as a testimony that it once came into your life. Love is about letting someone take your wholeness in their hands and knowing that even if they drop you, even if they let you go, you won’t shatter on the ground. You won’t break. The best love you can give is yourself. A self- love. You’ll bounce back, better and more brilliant than ever.❤️

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  1. Love is beautiful in any form. Holding it will hurt you. Learning to let go and move with its flow then love will be your strength.. if love is making you weak than it think it’s love since it’s purpose is spread happiness and not sadness


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