Love and Everlasting Life of Dean Emiritus

The reaction paper is about the 34th Vitaliana G. Beltran Lecture Series of Dean Emiritus- Ester A. Santos, “Living the Legacy”. It also emphasizes the common shared values of Dr. Dean Gisela D. A. Luna and Hon. Leah Primitive S. Paquiz with Dean Santos about their life lessons and experiences.

Dr. Dean Gisela D. A. Luna- her goal is being a “resilient and make a strong amidst waves of changes in Saint Luke’s College of Nursing”. She is a former professor at University of the Philippines in Diliman. She was very involved with various activities such as facilitate work, committee chair person, accessor in commission of higher education, psychiatry in nursing, published research, work as a staff nurse in Saint Luke’s College of Nursing, assistant professor in Trinity University of Asia and so on.

Her topic is about what lessons that pass on and Dean Santos do?

Dean Ester A. Santos passed on to you that you are continually doing in running the nursing program. Nursing faculty and students should stand strong to make a resilient and to have a core foundation and values. There are 4 categories of values according to Dean Santos- service, integrity, individuality and the value of shared experiences.

Service- serves as a coworkers of health in taking care of the sick. Serve the hospital and the community. Saint Luke’s College of Nursing is established to serve. The main objective is ensuring the patients not to be in harm.

Integrity- following your moral, doing your responsibility, wholeness of character, being true to yourself and doing no harm. Doing what is right for the students, nurses, faculty policy and doing what is and what it should not be.

Individuality- selects the students at its best to screening process. Experienced the level of anxiety, excitement and battle of competitive to passed the battery exams in nursing. SLCN from history is very selective to come from its importance. SLCN envisions development of graduates to have this brand- mission, vision, and values. Each student is respected as individual and guided as the best they can be. Encouraged to motivate and discipline to comply.

The value of shared experiences- the common experienced. It is the school spirit that you may feel welcoming with an open arm. Giving you the bounded experience, common stories and aspirations with the alumni.

Highlights of story with Dean Santos: her goal is to put Jesus first and others next.

J.O.Y. is the acronym of Jesus, Others, and Yourself. Meaning, we should continue to serve as long for the community with full of love. Dean Santos is a caring person, volunteers, inspired others and help many people lives. She was a faithful servant and compassionate.

Honorary Nars Leah S. Paquiz- she is a former President of Saint Luke’s College of Nursing in 2002-2012. She is known as the “Legacy of Unity” because of her an outstanding background. She was part of the nurse party list, a registered nurse, public health nurse and an outstanding teacher. Her accomplishments are publishing a reform act in the community services, the right of overseas of Filipino workers, 4 bills act laws, implementation of ecological system and managed nursing houses. She also published exploitation, depression and oppression.

Her topic is about the legacy of unity.

Legacy means something received from the ancestors and deeds that has been done. It is a dream, motivation and changes the lives of people. Some people may have lack of presence, undecided and some of them doesn’t know what they want. Legacy is to have goals and visions in our life.

One of her example is “the life and times of an ants”. She explained that the ants worked really hard together as a team, they served righteousness and reap the fruit of an unfailing love. In nursing, we should work together as a team, being responsible, a faithful servant and humble.


The purpose to attend the alumni is to have a great learning experiences and know the important highlights of their life values. It shares about social health, development in curriculum in the 60’s to present. It gives you this humbling feeling and daunting experienced.

They have greatly impacted my outlook and how to set my priorities as a student nurse in Saint Luke’s College of Nursing. My interests and commitment to field became even more strong. I enjoy the difference I can make in the field of nursing, working in my academics and clinical experiences. I also had the opportunity to meet new people, elders and nurses who can give me such a great satisfaction to invest my time in expanding my horizon as a better individual. Their life stories had me influenced with a broad of expectations, questions relating specifically in nursing and how it can give me an advantage to review and prepare myself for my future references.

Dean Santos, Dean Luna, and Dean Paquiz are the good example of a good mentors. Because there past and experiences can teach us good for the present and future. They have so much self-discipline and respect in the profession of having honor and dignity. I am greatly inspired and motivated by their work ethics.

SLCN philosophy of applying nursing search your soul in the matter of your bones in the practice of nursing. It aims for accomplishments based in parameters of quality and adversity of personality. We must know our right and what we want to be as a profession. We must love nursing and love of what we do.

The value of a nursing educator. They must seek for excellence, authority and discipline to be a great model to have an excellent students and achieved their best.

One of my favorite topic was- “How the Student Nursing Association to reignite the spirit and unite the foundation?” My response would be, we need to take an actions and make new challenges. We can make suggestions from students and faculty members to create new things, do the work and feel the school spirit. We must be socially and culturally diverse in the society. We must be open to new ideas.

A great way to connect with others is to start with a social group. A helpful way is to stay preoccupied and proactive. We must work together as team or as a family. One of the best part of nursing school is bonding with other nursing students.

I choose nursing because I love learning new things. I am always challenging myself to keep current on my academics, training and medical trends so that I can provide the better care for my family and my patients in the future. Every day in school, I learned something new from my colleagues and professors which motivates me to explore deeper knowledge and being compassionate to others. Being a student nurse is a privilege and a wonderful experience. Yes it can be hard, yes you may struggle, but every moment is worth it. As you learn, you will acquire valuable memories that will stay with you throughout your career. The most important thing to do as you embrace this new stage of your life.

The passion and dedication to helping others have motivated me to seek numerous opportunities to make a difference. Reaching out to those in need is as simple as extending a hand. I witnessed the power of a united organization and know the amount of dedicated work that goes into being in a leadership position. I strive to succeed and learn. Learning is fun, and keeps people alive and alert. I have the will, skills, and strength to excel.

I have seen the spirit of nursing reflect back at me through the eyes of those just beginning their journey into nursing. They do not know that they already possess the qualities they need not only to survive, but thrive and succeed.

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