Love is in the Air…

They say, love is in the air. The right relationship should bring you closer to your family, friends and purpose. The right relationship should help you grow as a better individual.

In love, there is compromise… there is understanding and there is a common ground where we learn to accept the other.

We swallow our pride to avoid arguments. We stay mute at times to avoid the bickering and the nagging. We may even do something we don’t like – see a movie we never thought we’d watch, eat something our palate doesn’t appreciate, try dancing, go hiking, master a sport or even learn a new language. And through the course of what we call “building a relationship” we either find ourselves becoming better or questioning whether or not we made the right choices.

One thing that we ought to remind ourselves more when getting into a relationship is this: Do not lose yourself in the process of falling in love. True happiness come within yourself.

The key to love is Self-love.

I hope you like my little message. I will be posting more blogs soon! Sorry for my very late post. Hope everyone had a lovely week ahead 🙂

Yours truly,

April Mae❤️

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