How to Shed Fat daily?

Hello everyone! This is my actual result from losing weight. I was 126 pounds 2 months ago and now, I am 110 pounds.

I did not exercise daily. My secret is drinking a detox tea. I drink it 3 to 4 times daily. A detox tea that was made in a fined raw ginger tea. I mixed it with raw honey and an apple cider vinegar.

I’m a healthy eater too, which it made me more leaner and skinnier. I’ve lost a tons of fat and even muscle as well.

Now, I am trying to gain my weight back (gain muscle). I have a crazy schedule for school so I tried to have time management to get back into working out and adding more rice or bread in my meals.

I still drink detox tea but is not 3 to 4 times daily instead one or twice daily. I drink detox tea because it helps to release the toxic waste in our body systems. It helps you sleep better, have a good digestion, it prevent acne and other healthy benefits. Our body responds differently. It’s okay to experiment and explore your diet that best fit you’re result.

My best advice is.. You can eat whatever you want. It’s how you control yourself and what you put inside your body. You are the reflection of yourself. So, make it a good one.

I hope this helps! 🙂


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