A Woman with Tattoo.

A woman having with tattoo doesn’t mean you are dirty. Doesn’t mean you are less worthy. It’s how you create yourself and reflect yourself to others.

I agree with the saying “your body is your sacred temple”.

I’ve traveled from different places and meet people from different cultures. Most of them, having tattoo with a woman is not attractive. Some culture will say, “tattoo means prisoner or comes from the ghetto world”. Some cultures are open and okay with it.

camping or hiking 105.jpg

For me, I have one tattoo on my back. But, it doesn’t mean I’m not decent or a less person. The truth is I came from a very good family. I have a good life. I consider myself the lucky ones for having amazing people and luxuries in my life. I have a tattoo for a reason. It doesn’t mean it’s a cool thing. Tattoo is an art and it’s how I expressed myself.

I don’t have plenty of tattoos in my body. And Yes, I don’t like having too many tattoos.  That’s why I ONLY have one.

And, honestly… I’m also an artist who loves art. I have some drawings for future tattoos but it doesn’t mean I am going to have it done in my body. My point is you are the creator of yourself, it’s how you control yourself and learn from it.

I see some woman putting tattoo’s all over there body. Most of them, it reflects on their life and some of them is just for the heck of it, such as being cool trying to “fit” in. I see some woman there tattoo is unrealistic and looks really disgusting.

You can have a tattoo but be elegant about it.

When I got my tattoo, I had to asked permission with my parents. Of course, they didn’t like it. But, I had some point-of-view and a meaningful explanation. Something that reflects about my life and with the people I loved. I am a woman who is confidently enough with my own skin and my own flaws. The only thing I want for my parents is to trust me. My tattoo is dedicated to my mother. She suffered from ovarian cancer and she is a survivor.

I was 23 years old when I got my tattoo.

Two reason’s I got my tattoo: (1) I got a great job. (2) My mom.


I drew my own tattoo, my mother created the qoute and my Lebanese friend Adna, translate it for me in Arabic. It means, “May God be the great Master, give light to my soul, give peace in my mind, and give love to my heart”. The cross means, I am devoted to God. Arabic translate, in which I am friends with the Arabs. Meaning, NOT all Arabic’s are Muslim and terrorist. They’re also human, with a good heart too.

My best advice of having a tattoo:

Don’t let others affect you. Wherever you are… You will always get one person who will like you or dislike you. Some of them will criticize you. And, we can’t change that. You don’t need anyone to please you. What matters is how you respect yourself and to others. You are responsible for your own life. Be real and be humble.

So, if you are choosing to put a tattoo into your body? Make sure it is worth it. Because, some people regrets it. For example: putting your boyfriend/ girlfriends name or putting a crazy skull on your body. Later in life, you realize that you don’t want it and it was ugly as soon as you get older.

Before you get a tattoo, think about it really good before you decide to have it done. Because once it started, you can’t have it back. It’s a permanent ink and it takes some surgery to remove it.

Make you’re tattoo something “special” and something you won’t regret!

I hope this one helps. Much Love♥ 🙂

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