25 Best Moments of 2015

My best moments throughout the year of 2015. Make your Year be Bigger than your New Year’s Resolution.

For me, I don’t believe any of us should stress so much about making up our minds and settling on a path of a coming New Year’s or direction for 2016. The division of time into years is a human invention, and fact is, every minute of every day is a brand new opportunity for resolution and growth. It’s time to focus on the outcome you want to see this year. There is no need to cheapen your hopes and dreams by reducing them to half- hearted, one line slogans you will quickly forget. Instead, understand that there is nothing to be frightened of.

I miss all my friends in Florida who became a family and a part of my life. I miss my family and relatives in the U.S. too.

This coming year, like any other, will arrive a single day at a time, and any challenges you may face can be overcome in a small manageable chunks. That you may fail, time and time again, but there will always be another opportunity in tomorrow to make amends, to get back up on your feet and try again. Recognize that it’s not the resolutions you make once a year that matter, but the ones you make with every single breath.

So, when the clock strives at twelve, the glasses are clinked, and the fireworks fly to mark the close of 2015, relax– think back on all you have achieved over the course of the past year, and take a moment to enjoy the company of your loved ones. Take it easy, and celebrate for a moment, the rest will come to you.☺️🎉❤️ #HappyNewYear #lifegoals #inspiration #behappy #ThankYouForTheLove

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