Love is like gambling.

Love is like gambling. Either you win or you lose it all. You put your everything in the person you love the most , and you bet the whole trust on them, not regreting a single day spending with them.

The other night, my friends and I had this conversations between love and relationship goals. I said, “nothing last forever”. It is not the same like the old generations where there is love letters, snail mails, singing a song for you.. All those types of romantic old fashion but still classic. My friend Mae Anne said, “there is forever”. She confirmed that we haven’t meet the right person at the right time. Love is like a gamble. She’ll take a chance and roll the dice.

Love defines you in every single situation that happens in your life.

I say… “Love can make you smile, it can also make you feel pain and makes you go crazy. When you go through that pain.. You have two choices.. you can choose to walk away or you choose to deal with it.”

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